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(Los "Idioms" / "Proverbs" son frases hechas cuyo significado generalmente se deduce de la idea que se transmite y no del sentido literal de la expresión. Equivalen a los refranes y modismos que utilizamos en español.)
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Choose the correct phrase to complete the idioms.

1. A piece of
2. (To be) as dead as a
3. By the skin of our
4. (To be) in the driver's
5. (To be) on the right
6. This is the last

A piece of...
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1. One swallow does not
2. Life isn’t
3. He who laughs last
4. Clothes
5. A picture
6. You can’t be

One swallow does not...
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Choose the correct animal to make an English idiom.
1. The nearest village is about 30 kilometres east, as the flies.
2. Why don't you put those chocolates away and stop making such a of yourself. If you eat any more, you'll be sick!
3. I'm thinking of treating mum and dad to a long weekend away in Paris for their anniversary. But don't let the out of the bag, I want it to be a surprise.
4. Let's have a race along the coast road. The first one to out and put the brakes on buys the beers.
5. I was as blind as a before I had the laser operation. Now I can see perfectly without glasses.
6. Be careful Pepito! You'll break something in a minute. Stop running around like a in a china shop.
7. I could work much more efficiently at home, but my boss has got a in her bonnet about having us all at our desks in the office where she can see us.
8. I thought I smelt a when he asked for my credit card number and bank details. He must have thought I was born yesterday!

The nearest village is about
30 kilometres east...
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Choose the correct animal to make an English idiom.
1. My dad will never change. You can't teach an old new tricks.
2. I know you don't like confrontation, but you're just going to have to take the by the horns and talk to your boss about it.
3. Don't laugh, but I think Pepito might just get the promotion. I know he's only been here for a few months, but I think he's a real dark .
4. It'll cost us 3,000 euros to develop the application, and I think that's feed when you think how much money we could earn from it.
5. You promised me you'd come with me to Madrid this weekend. Don't your way out of it with some pathetic excuse about having to work.
6. That was a very controversial suggestion Pete made in the meeting. He's certainly put the among the pigeons.
7. Of course Sarah will be there on time. She's such an early that she's usually in the office before 7.
8. Our website has become such a cash . We're making a fortune through internet marketing.

My dad will never change...
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Aprender idioms en inglés y español

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